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    Well, Mr. Chen, I'm Canadian, and I once did support BlackBerry. I bought a Z10 in late 2013 and thought it was a pretty good phone, and the OS was miles better than Apple or Android. When the Passport came out, I ran out to my local Telus dealer on its release date and picked one up.

    Just barely a year after acquiring the Passport, it developed the dreaded and not unknown screen lift issue. I took it to Telus and they wanted $225 just to even look at the phone, never mind repair it, simply because it was just out of warranty. None of the repair shops in town knew how to fix the phone. Before the screen lift issue, the Passport worked flawlessly and was a great phone.

    I checked out the BlackBerry website and there were no support contact numbers clearly listed. There were no email addresses for support either. There was a mailing address, but it wasn't clear to me whether I could write to that address and actually get a response and a fix for my problem.

    The impression I got was that BlackBerry didn't stand behind its phones, and were only too happy to try to fob off any problems on carriers.

    My view is that when you pay $750.00 for an electronic device - especially one that is marketed as a quality, high-end device, it should be properly engineered and last for a reasonable period of time. One year and barely one month, and no support to boot, is not what I would call 'reasonably durable.'

    I sold the phone (for a song) to a friend who didn't mind the screen lift problem, which I rather inexpertly attempted to repair with Krazy Glue. He has since replaced the phone with something else.

    Given this, I think it's a good thing that BlackBerry are getting out of the hardware business. Personally, I don't think Chen or his predecessor have done a very good job with BlackBerry or turning the company around. Instead, they pushed the security features of the BB 10 OS, which is something average consumers don't care about. If they had focussed on making their phones more appealing to consumers and showed people why the BB OS was a better operating system, and found a way to get more developers on board,
    they might have saved the hardware division and improved its fortunes.
    Well stated.
    Here's my family story. I have had two BB phones, plus a Playbook. I mostly replaced the Playbook with an iPad ONLY to get a larger screen for viewing pictures. Not BB's fault, really.
    I currently rock a Classic and love it. When my 2 year phone contract is up I will likely get a PRIV, unless we get to the Mercury and it looks more attractive.

    My kids used to have BBs, back in the OS7/Bold days. Similar to the quoted post, they had profound hardware issues and finally gave up on BB in disgust and went to iPhones.
    I know others who had been on BB and liked them but just couldn't live with the application gap compared to Android.

    Myself, I fully intend to continue to support BB, love the PKB in particular. However, I am not in the financial position where I can just run out and buy outright whatever new phone shows up. A case in point is the PRIV - at $900 (Canadian) that's nearly DOUBLE what I paid for my last laptop. Just not justifiable. Not at all. I have never paid more than $550 for a laptop and so I'm not going to pop 900 on a phone.

    So, the quality issues of the past and application gap have driven away many of the Canadians who might otherwise support BB.
    09-30-16 09:50 AM
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    I feel the same way about John.

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    10-10-16 06:41 PM
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    If Lada opened a manufacturing plant in Canada run by a bunch of Argentinians and Saudis, I would buy and drive one as my patriotic duty.

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    Lol, when I read your post the first time I saw: If Lada opened a manufacturing plant in Canada run by a bunch of Argentinians and Saudis, I would drive by one as my patriotic duty.
    10-10-16 07:27 PM
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    As a Canadian myself, I bought a few BB but BB did not return the favour by not making them better or improving them. So why investing in them when this is closing down.

    And yes their pricing were too high. Sold at US pricing is bs especially when it's being build with pennies.

    So never again.
    10-11-16 02:57 PM
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    Blackberry should start making products that, I, the average Canadian citizen want.

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    10-11-16 04:25 PM
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    Assuming that people would buy your product because it's the "patriotic" thing to do smells like what got GM into the mess they were in.
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    10-11-16 04:34 PM
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    This has long been a topic I have been fairly passionate for a long time. Canadians companies in a lot of ways don't "think" like American ones in the sense about being global, large and best of breed.

    In Canada we have a long history of being an extractor and exporter of our natural resources such as oil, gas, mining etc. We are extremely proud of our conservative and well regulated baning and insurance sectors, our tourism sector which relies a lot on our countries natural beauty as well as a dwindling manufacturing base in places like Ontario and Quebec that are generally US subsidiaries and export their products since our Canadian dollar has been lower than the US greenback.

    A company like BlackBerry, which for a time was a global sensation was able to go toe to toe with the biggest and most successful US and global tech companies, very similar to Nortel. One of the things I have always admired about US business's is the aggressiveness of their corporation, good and bad. BlackBerry in the late 2000's and for the last few years wasn't aggressive enough. As a shareholder I saw and continue to see the company as a non stop punching bag.

    John Chen is a seasoned business executive who's on the board of Wells Fargo which is one of the large banks in the world along with Disney. If you go and see the level of talent that is on the board you can see the category he is in. I really value what he meant by those comments cause I see them every single day in this country and that's a little bit of an apathy. Just a quick look at the top companies on the TSX by market cap, if they aren't banking, energy or insurance we are left with very few companies that have a global reach in a significant way.

    Look at the top companies on the NYSE, Nasdaq for the US markets. Have a look at the FTSE for British firms or the DAX for German firms, CAC for French firms etc

    Your average Canadian doesn't care or didn't even care about BlackBerry and the destruction it underwent, mostly of its own undoing. Our Government during the 08/09 financial crisis was more than willing to provide financial bailouts to US based automakers to protect some jobs but those jobs are now disappearing quickly. The thought of bailing out a tech firm like BlackBerry would have been unthinkable, not that I am advocating it, just making a point. Even our energy industry, which is being taken to the cleaners isn't even getting any significant assistance even though it's our largest industry. When it comes to economics it's becoming a war amongst countries for jobs and such and we aren't doing a good enough job in Canada to protect ourselves.

    The fact that John Chen mentioned the lack of support should be an eye opener cause he knows what he's talking about. In a hypothetical scenario of Google, Apple, Microsoft or other large tech company was in dire financial straights, the US would rally to support cause they understand and support their own.

    Sorry about the long post but it's a topic I have been on for years. I say all this as a banker living in Canada's energy headquarters of Calgary.

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    10-11-16 05:00 PM
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    A lot of good points in this thread.

    Talking to a lot of people I know, we've been supporting BlackBerry for longer than most sane individuals probably should. Despite the negative media attention, all through the downward spiral of the Thorsten Heins period, even through the initial unknown of the John Chen turn-around plan, we've all supported BlackBerry, but alas there simply comes a time when practicality overrules loyalty.

    Many of us today have moved on to other devices. Granted some of us are still using BlackBerry handsets, like the Classic or the Priv, but we no longer feel the need to travel the rough waters when there's smoother sailing just a step away. Almost all of us who have moved on still speak highly of the BlackBerry days and are still supportive of the company and their endeavours. It just doesn't mean that we will haphazardly buy every BlackBerry device out there simply to show that we care.
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    10-13-16 02:50 PM
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