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    Full article here in FR : http://www.01net.com/fiche-produit/p...lackberry-z10/

    Google Translated :
    the promise

    The return of RIM (BlackBerry renamed) on the smartphone market has generated so much enthusiasm that skepticism. Featuring a brand new operating system, BlackBerry smartphone Z10 is a high-end is not entitled to make mistakes. We tested the device for several days, and our verdict is very positive.

    Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 resembles the Apple iPhone 5! However, it is a little heavier, a touch thicker, but especially larger. With a finish worthy of a high-end device, it displays a sober design, faithful to the traditions of its manufacturer. And from the outset, it differs from its main competitor to Apple on several significant points: it incorporates a memory card reader, a removable battery, better screen resolution (1280 x 768 pixels) ... all for a more reasonable price!
    BlackBerry 10: an innovative and effective

    The visual interface of the smartphone is very responsive. The fluidity of entertainment generally did nothing to envy the competition. As a bonus, the system is stable, we have not encountered any crash during our tests. BlackBerry Z10 boasts a generous amount of RAM, and can run easily up to eight multi-tasking applications. The ergonomics of the system - very original - based on some gestures natural and easy to learn. In short, the system BlackBerry 10 is a great first version that will not "teething" users. That's a lot!
    Messaging keyboard and magic

    The Z10 takes full advantage of new BlackBerry 10, starting with the Hub. This universal messaging includes all messages that the user can receive. Its organization is flawless and very practical use. In addition, the virtual keyboard system also touches perfection. It offers an excellent typing accuracy, and automatic correction predictions very relevant, provided him time to adapt to your way of writing. The words are displayed in prediction, however, very small and difficult to read.
    Some imperfections due to first-gen

    All is not perfect yet, but BlackBerry has managed to limit the damage: the imperfections of the system are minor, and should be quick to fix. The interface requires some small optimizations fluidity in some menus (eg the configuration). Another detail is that when you disable the "push" of an Outlook account, the emails manual refresh is not working consistently.
    But the biggest handicap BlackBerry 10 is its navitageur Web. Rapid and relatively smooth (except when some Flash modules are enabled), it displays characters too small web pages. The BlackBerry Browser also lacks features compared to the competition, it will quickly improve the well ... Or hope that Google, Opera, or Mozilla arrive in the gallery BlackBerry World.
    Applications to improve

    BlackBerry World still lacks content. A few weeks after the official launch of Z10, some applications still lack announced the call (Skype, Kindle, etc.). Many other conversions are fast coming to Android running on the BlackBerry with a Z10 emulation system. These programs (Team Liberation, ParisGo, etc.) are working properly, but are less fluid than Android are cut and features related to Google services, such as geolocation. It does the editors to program applications for BlackBerry 10 as Allociné very comprehensive and enjoyable to use. Finally, note that the integrated geolocation BlackBerry 10 also lacks features compared to Google Maps (no public transport for example). His cards (supplied by TomTom), however accurate, and voice guidance (hesitating) remains functional.
    An even brighter screen than the iPhone

    The screen of the BlackBerry Z10 impressed first by his powerful brightness: up to 680 cd / m²! Automatic adjustment of its back-lightning is impossible to disable, but you can adjust its behavior. Despite this, blacks are very deep, providing excellent contrast ratio of 1737:1, according to our measurements.
    Regarding photos and videos, the sensor 8 megapixel Z10 reproduces the colors and details when the ambient light is correct. But in low light shots are noisier. On the other hand, the software also lacks settings compared to the competition.

    Autonomy: no better than high-end Android smartphone

    Compared to older BlackBerry smartphones, considered as very durable, the Z10 will inevitably disappoint the aficionados of the Canadian brand. Yet it rises in the average of high-end smartphones today: 10 hours talk time, 6 hours of web browsing and 8 hours video, according to our tests. In practice, the camera can not hold a long day with an Outlook account set to receive emails in real time ("push"). By disabling the push mode, it can, like other good smartphones, late into the night after a day's work, even with Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and LinkedIn activated.
    the verdict

    In short, the Z10 is an excellent BlackBerry smartphone, which comes - at the outset - to climb to second place in our comparison of high-end smartphones, just before the Samsung Galaxy SIII. A performance that is hard to ignore!
    That's cool ... 01.net is VERY influent here.

    Read also the technical test sheet here (google translated) : http://translate.google.com/translat...z10%2F&act=url
    02-13-13 06:56 AM
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    Well if the Frenchies loved it. There is very little distance left to run, in terms of hooking the planet onto Z10 addiction. C'mon BlackBerry bring those yanks and their silly perceptions about bb to the knees.

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    02-13-13 08:04 AM
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    Full article here in FR : Blackberry Z10 Le BlackBerry Z10 prend la deuxime place de notre comparatif de smartphones

    Google Translated :

    That's cool ... 01.net is VERY influent here.

    Read also the technical test sheet here (google translated) : Google Traduction
    Interesting read and thanks for the translation. Sort of mimics what we have heard before as to the Z10 with the primary weakness being native 3rd party app support. I guess that is to be expected and clearly this will improve with time. I'm encouraged with how fast new Apps are coming in and then highlighted on crackberry. In a month or two, this shouldn't really be an issue and the naysayers will be reduced to the native vs port argument. That is fine with me. Personally, I use about 10 apps and they are either in the app store or on the way. I'm quite satisfied.

    What is interesting to read is how people are liking the new UI environment. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a real winner and helps differentiate the Z10 from the rest of the pack. I also think that the QNX operating platform is a huge bonus and we will see in the next 6-8 months how it brings new functionality to the smartphone arena. M2M applications will push BB into the forefront with the rest having a difficult time keeping up. OS design is critical.
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    02-13-13 08:11 AM
  4. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    Blackberry needs to produce these phones as quickly as possible as there is huge demand!!!
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    02-13-13 08:39 AM
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    Cool, good read! Glad they like it! Whens the Z10 launching in France SF?
    02-13-13 09:03 AM
  6. Superfly_FR's Avatar
    Cool, good read! Glad they like it! Whens the Z10 launching in France SF?
    Sosh just updated their website with a black Z10 available right now !
    But for most carriers, I expect an early March availability.
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    02-13-13 09:06 AM
  7. CranBerry413's Avatar
    This is interesting indeed. I'm glad to see people are really rallying behind BlackBerry and the Z10. I'm hoping that Les Français Enjoy and Purchase this Phone.
    02-13-13 01:17 PM
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    Merci pour le très bon texte Superfly. Formidable la grille de comparaison. Good job!
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    02-13-13 10:51 PM

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