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    09-23-13 12:36 AM
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    Quote :

    A BlackBerry spokesman acknowledged to the Wall Street Journal that the company had taken delivery of the new jet two months ago. The spokesman also said that BlackBerry has now decided to sell all three of its planes on account of its financial challenges.

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    09-23-13 12:39 AM
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    ROFL, that would be the last thing that I'd expect. Imagine how disappointed must be the employees that were or will be fired "to save money"..
    Thanks for sharing

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    09-23-13 12:45 AM
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    They bought one 7-year-old jet to replace two other jets, and have now decided to sell all three. To put things in perspective.

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    09-23-13 12:51 AM
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    09-23-13 01:03 AM

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