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    Back to BlackBerry: a whole new UI world - Engadget

    Editor's note: This is not a review. If you haven't taken the opportunity to read through our review of the BlackBerry Z10 and the BB10 operating system, now is the perfect time to do so. As I progress through my 30-day BlackBerry trial, I'm writing most of my thoughts with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of BlackBerry's new devices and platform.

    If you were to ask me what the most significant changes are in BlackBerry 10, I'd likely go into detail about the user interface, gestures, the Hub and the ecosystem. It's an amazing improvement over previous BlackBerry devices in most cases. It's not too difficult to learn, either: just three days into my 30-day trial, I found myself unsuccessfully swiping up on a friend's Android phone to turn it on. But now that I've had the chance to set up all of my accounts, do some hardcore messaging and play around with the device, what are some of my thoughts about those major differences? Join me after the break and learn some of the best and worst things I discovered so far.
    A fairly detailed post on the Z10 and BB10.
    02-12-13 12:06 PM
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    Good read indeed
    02-12-13 12:15 PM
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    I've made the point elsewhere (and in fact I posted it on Engadget in the comments for this article): BB10's most important features lie in its basic design and usability, and aren't easily demonstrated in a quick presentation. It's when users actually live with the device for a time that they start to see some of the benefits of BB's design decisions.
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    02-12-13 12:36 PM
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    Some of these reviewers just try to see if they can do what they can do on Android and Apple phones. Of course, they will not see anything new because they are just looking to see if it can match certain features.
    I rarely hear about how you can tweet and update your Facebook accounts (or something similar to that in Facebook) directly from the hub, which is something you cannot do on the other phones, as I understand it.
    02-12-13 12:40 PM
  5. timmy t's Avatar
    Anybody tried turning the phone to landscape mode to see if the email view is different, like it is on the PlayBook?
    02-12-13 01:38 PM
  6. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    People go out of their way to not like it whether in purpose or subtlety. Like mentioned above, they try to do and I'm this case use a bb10 like an android or iphone and it's not meant for that. Can your suoercar run with the big dogs off road? Oh well
    02-13-13 01:27 AM
  7. flyingsolid's Avatar
    It would be interesting to see the author's input regarding BlackBerry 10 after he leverages Bridge, encryption, and many other uncommon features. It seems, so far, that the daily use article's scope is for common functions.
    02-13-13 09:25 AM
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    This was a good read.
    02-14-13 03:33 AM

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