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    I have been reading that Apt-x is this new loss-less codec that allows you to stream high quality music even over low-bandwith of Blueooth. So, it gives you far better quality than standard mp3 over A2DP.

    Is there a software that rips music-cd's to apt-x format? And does the music encoded in this codec has a different extension? Something like .atx?

    And what about music already encoded as mp3. Does it need to be re-encoded from source? Transcoding mp3 to .atx won't make much sense because mp3 wasn't loss-less. So, if you want loss-less encoding then you better encode directly from source to .atx. Am I correct?

    Does BB 10 have codecs for .aptx or .atx ? And does it support transmitting .aptx/.atx over bluetooth? I was looking at Jaybird BlueBuds (they seem to support playing .aptx music but does BlackBerry 10 support transmitting aptx music over bluetooth?)

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    12-05-12 01:14 PM

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