View Poll Results: Approximatley what percent of the U.S. population actually own smartphones?

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    10 52.63%
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  1. btufail's Avatar
    I was in a substantial line at a restaurant over the weekend. Just out of curiosity I just kind of paid attention to some of the people in line as they used their phones. Majority of the people had your basic flip phone. Then there were others phones that were sliders that I think were just for messaging. I saw atleast one person with a touch screen which probably qualified as a smartphone. And from what I could tell, I was the only person in line that had a Blackberry. So it got me to think, the crackberry community is obviously more astute when it come to hi-end devices like blackberrys, iphones, and android phones. But has general population caught on? Or was it more of a demographic issue involving sample size?
    06-28-10 10:32 AM
  2. andyahs's Avatar
    06-28-10 10:35 AM
  3. btufail's Avatar
    I know what google thinks. I just wanna know what you think. Heck I thought it would've been less than that. More like 25-30% from what I saw.
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    06-28-10 10:41 AM
  4. John Yester's Avatar
    Reports show that by 2013 over 70% will be using smart phones.
    06-28-10 10:44 AM
  5. TgeekB's Avatar
    Not sure why this is a poll. It's not an opinion, it's factual.
    06-28-10 10:48 AM
  6. John Yester's Avatar
    Ahh but in America nobody believes facts right? lol
    06-28-10 10:50 AM
  7. andyahs's Avatar
    Reports show that by 2013 over 70% will be using smart phones.
    What % of those smart phone users will be smart people??
    06-28-10 10:50 AM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    1 thread per topic please! I deleted the other 1.
    06-28-10 10:52 AM
  9. TgeekB's Avatar
    Ahh but in America nobody believes facts right? lol
    True. OK, I say not one person is using a smartphone.
    06-28-10 10:52 AM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    Bad thing is most people by that time will forget what a phone is...... VOIP, conferencing, etc...

    "You want me to dial a number"? lol "What is a number"?
    06-28-10 10:54 AM
  11. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I really think 42% is high!

    based on a sampling of 4000 people, the results where 42%,
    I suspect much of the polling was done in urban area's and over the phone,
    I question if it is 42% of Cellphone users are Smartphone users, AND what consititues a smartphone if a smartphone is simply one with a browser, then that number becomes far more realistic but still rather high

    When we look at the US Population being 309Million ( Rounded down)
    Approximately 20% of the Population is under 14 years old
    Bringing the user base to 248Million (Rounded up)

    The total mobilephone subscribers for the top 10 US providers is 283 Million (Rounded up)
    Grading the top 10 U.S. carriers in the first quarter of 2010 - FierceMobileContent

    I was unable to find a Statistic for how many people use 2 mobile phones, 1 business 1 personal, we'll ignore those that have 3 or 4 in their name,
    so we'll just use the Population of people over 14 to remove the multiple users, and include the users under 14 with mobile phones

    but right out the bat with this number crunching we are saying 42% of all people have smart phones, yet only 80% of the population uses Cellphones, meaning more than half of the cellphones in circulation are smartphones.

    that is a big thing to grasp for me
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    06-28-10 11:22 AM
  12. xxxxpradaxxxx's Avatar
    I think all people are good. Does that mean I'm right?

    A big steaming pile of fail, is still a pile of fail regardless from who it came from.
    06-28-10 11:25 AM
  13. Username00089's Avatar
    If the OP wants us to make a guess based on what each of us individuals see on a
    daily basis, then in my case I'd venture to say about 25 percent. But that's just
    what I see, where I live. Could be very, very well off.
    06-28-10 11:43 AM
  14. Chrisybear's Avatar
    I said about 35%
    06-28-10 11:48 AM
  15. stockandroidguy's Avatar
    I would probably say around 25-35 % own smartphones and the number seems to be growing
    06-28-10 11:52 AM
  16. btufail's Avatar
    I thought 42% was high as well. Out of about 20 people standing in line at the restaurant, only 2 that I could tell, had a smartphone. And I was one of those people. Now the people with the flip phones seemed like older adults while the ones with sliders seemed younger. The area the restaurant was in was not exactly an affluent area but it also wasn't in a poor section of town either. Again, that was just my experience based on one sample size. I voted 35% but thought that was even high. I'm sure if I went to some rich section of town with a younger crowd that # would go up. JMHO!
    06-28-10 01:12 PM
  17. FuzzyB's Avatar
    Of all the people I know (family, friends, clients, etc.) it's way less than 25%....I'd say if I see 1 in 10 or 15 people with a smartphone it's a lot. I know a lot of business owners and colleagues of mine that still don't use a smartphone...after having one myself for so long, it's kind of hard to believe when you think about it.
    06-28-10 02:24 PM
  18. johnling's Avatar
    I voted 35%. However, I think it is far greater. About 70% of my friends have smartphones. Only a handfull actually know what the phone is capable of. Most just answer and make calls and some text.

    The question is, how many people have a smartphone and actually make use of at least some of its power.
    06-28-10 05:04 PM