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    I just got my Storm delivered this morning... finally! I'm going to put on the GA shortly, does anyone have any install tips? I've heard that it's best to leave the standard screen protector on the Storm, but I'm going to apply the GA to the rest of it. Any advice is appreciated, or if you know of a how-to video that'd be great, too. Thanks!
    12-08-08 02:29 PM
  2. detman101's Avatar
    Well, first you need your ghost applicator and ghost adhesive.
    Then you have to apply the ghost adhesive to the ghost armor as instructed.
    Then apply the ghost armor to your blackberry.
    If your berry goes transparent while you are working on putting on the ghost armor, don't fret.
    Converting things to ghost-form does that and you will have to get a pair of ghost-glasses to see the results when you finish the application of the ghost armor.


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    12-08-08 02:47 PM
  3. luvitlo's Avatar
    Main thing to remember on applying ghost armor is to hold it firm on the curves until the adhesive takes. Otherwise it comes right back off and you will be buying another kit.

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    12-08-08 03:10 PM
  4. deanabmf's Avatar
    Make sure it is clean of all dust first and foremost. Clean your hands too. Then use a lot of the spray and secure a corner with pressure and then work out he liquid until it all sticks. The long pieces for the silver trim are the hardest to put on.

    12-08-08 03:29 PM