12-02-11 12:40 PM
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    I wonder is CIQ is the reason carriers subsidize android and iphone more the blackberry.
    12-02-11 12:18 PM
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    I wonder is CIQ is the reason carriers subsidize android and iphone more the blackberry.
    That makes no sense. VZW doesn't use it, and they have the same subsidies.
    12-02-11 12:22 PM
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    I wonder is CIQ is the reason carriers subsidize android and iphone more the blackberry.
    alright Bel, i'll bite. you have a theory/ideas behind this? curious as to why you think that is all

    of all 4 iPhones(4/4S) in my household, none of us have our diags logs on.
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    One thing to keep in mind about the whole CIQ affair, is that most of the scare is on the potential threat of CIQ. Not it's actual practice and application.

    By potential I mean what it is capable of, and not what it's actually doing. For example, it's been shown in some implementations that it registers every keystroke (Sprint devices being the worst offender here), but its practice thus far has been to trigger events and discards those keystrokes and the information it that it can potentially invade. But it's easy to see how simple it could/would be to abuse it.

    HTC's implementation as a manufacturer so far has been demonstrated to be Opt-In by the end user. Should the device popup an error, the end user has the option to send the info with a submit button. The Opt-In method is better in my opinion (though I'd prefer not to have it at all). Unfortunately, HTC's phones are also on Sprint who uses CIQ differently than HTC does.

    My overall opinion of CIQ... While I'm reasonably confident that it was designed with a benign intent in mind, I'd insist that it wasn't designed to be effective enough that less than honest people could potentially abuse it. So I'll continue to ensure none of my devices have it installed.
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    The problem here is that the CarrierIQ implementation on the iPhone isn't as nearly as broad as you claim, as it logs (a) location data and (b) when a phone call was active. It doesnít log location data if location Services are disabled, which is the default position.

    What you describe sounds more like HTC, where CarrierIQ logs every number you press in the phone dialer, every key you type on the keyboard, every SMS message you receive, every URL you open in the web browser, every app you open, all media playback, and your location. There is no visible sign it's running, the process is hidden from the process viewer, and there is no way to disable it.

    In other words, your facts, as usual, are suspect.
    Also, it doesn't log anything if diagnostics are turned off, which is the default position.

    RIM has done well in this. Apple has done well too. It's the Android users who are totally screwed for the large part, unless they bought the Nexus line.
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    12-02-11 12:33 PM
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    How about we just end this argument here. Obviously it's an issue for everyone to be aware of. Fortunately less for some than others.
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    12-02-11 12:40 PM
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