01-27-13 07:14 AM
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  1. berryaddictnoza's Avatar
    I don't see Apple dieing anytime in the near future. They will likely lose some market percentage to the other platforms, but Apple has a strong fan base that's willing to pay top dollar for their products, keeping them profitable.
    01-25-13 12:25 PM
  2. shlammed's Avatar
    This quote sums it up best:

    The company didn't have a bad quarter. In fact, it posted its best quarter ever … But the stock market is an expectations game and Apple is expected to blow past analysts' estimates, not miss them.
    01-25-13 12:36 PM
  3. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    If anyone seriously thinks Apple is the new RIM - meaning a company that will stay stagnant and not continue to improve is crazy. Take the iPhone 5 for instance. The only thing it doesn't have (hardware wise) is NFC. The screen size was a good choice since currently they only offer one option.

    And remember, Apple has the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone. No one has seriously challenged the other pillars that make them loads of cash. And with one of the worlds largest PC software companies .. Microsoft ... Trying to do what Apple has done with ease .. Just shows Apple is fine.

    However, this doesn't even consider that they are hard at work on some sort of TV product. I really think that is what is causing delay for the iPhone. Apple is a small company and they are expanding in order to be able to do what they need.

    Apple will be just fine.

    Now can RIM be an innovator? I believe they are. Apple can do well and RIM do well too. They both can and will do well.
    Not sure what was innovative about the iphone 5? And as the ipad and ipod are the same as the phone...where are apples recent innovations? I agree they can both do well. But if Apple stops innovating then they will be left behind as quickly as RIM was.

    Apple has the whole Macintosh thing they can fall back on, even if their iPhone sales fall flat. Remember: They were just a computer company for a long time.
    At one time they were a failing computer company. Amazing how quickly fortunes can change in the tech industry.

    Apple has begun their decline in the smartphone industry, yes. As the industry continues to push the boundaries of modern technology, Apple is sitting at the sidelines twiddling their thumbs, with the same belief that brought RIM down in the first place: "Why do we need all those fancy features? Our product works just fine." The question is whether or not they've realized it, because it's certainly not too late to reverse things with relatively little pain. Even at their current pace, I reckon the iPhone has about two years before Apple is relegated to a similar status in the public's mind as RIM has been recently - Apple has invested massively in marketing, and it'll take some time for people to wake up and smell the coffee. But if Apple realizes the problem at this stage in time, they can very easily bounce back. The iPhone 5S/6 should be a good indicator of whether or not Apple is aware of the problem.
    Totally agree. If apple rests then will go into decline. They need to innovate now so they can be ready to bring out the next game changer. And I hope they do. Competition is necessary.
    01-25-13 02:40 PM
  4. astraith's Avatar
    Not sure what was innovative about the iphone 5? And as the ipad and ipod are the same as the phone...where are apples recent innovations? I agree they can both do well. But if Apple stops innovating then they will be left behind as quickly as RIM was.
    Never said the iPhone 5 was innovative. I did say hardware wise it wasn't lacking. Besides NFC. I don't count screen size as a negotiate because if they did a large screen then people would say it's just another big phone. Apple only makes one phone a year, the screen size will always disappoint some.

    Apple is currently working on something new for the TV sector. They are working quickly but again, they are limited to what they can do. Hopefully we'll hear about it this year. But i wouldn't doubt there resources are going towards that new product.

    Just like they started lacking in the PC sector when they were focusing on the iPhone. This is why they are building a new campus. They need to be as huge as Samsung to be able to stay head to toe with their competition.
    01-25-13 04:14 PM
  5. dannyd86's Avatar
    And just like anybody who bought in at RIM while it was down at 6$ shares will make a fortune (so devistated Im still not in a position to make any investements). Apple will become a buy some day soon, there not going anywhere. Watch imore when to BUY BUY BUY
    01-25-13 08:48 PM
  6. christenmartin's Avatar
    better question...

    is RIM the new APPLE?
    That is an awesome view. you have a gift. my friend 80% do not have.

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    01-25-13 09:01 PM
  7. Dapper37's Avatar
    Good earnings yes! Highly visible inflection point YES
    Watch for Apple to start spending cash to remain highly relevant.
    For their shareholders sake I hope they spend better then Microsoft.
    Imagine for a moment how all those people that bought apple for the new divided last quarter must feel. Outch!
    01-25-13 09:04 PM
  8. brmiller1976's Avatar
    The company didn't have a bad quarter. In fact, it posted its best quarter ever …
    This is often repeated, but it's not really correct. Apple posted a 17% REVENUE increase, but no change in profit.

    That means that their ability to charge a premium is going down, fast, and their ability to make a profit is declining with it. To keep profits at the same level as last year, they had to sell 17% more stuff. If margins continue to decline, they'll have to sell 25% or even more stuff just to keep flat profits.

    That's not the "best quarter ever." The best quarter ever was the year-ago quarter when they earned the same profits with lower revenues.
    01-25-13 09:12 PM
  9. brmiller1976's Avatar
    For their shareholders sake I hope they spend better then Microsoft.
    For all the Microsoft-bashing you see in the press, Microsoft isn't doing too badly. Mobile sales have quadrupled, Windows 8 is selling at a 24% higher level in the last quarter than Windows 7 sold in the year-ago quarter, and margins have hit a new high.
    01-25-13 09:13 PM
  10. FSeverino's Avatar
    I'm locked and loaded with an iMore account using Mobile nations passport
    lets not be ignorant and go there giving facts to people...

    you know... macs are better... because...

    01-26-13 12:24 AM
  11. BBerryPowerUser's Avatar
    I strayed from BlackBerry for a short while to Android and iOS (Iphone 4s).

    From the Get-Go I missed my BlackBerry horribly. I'm a power business user, and for now, I need a business communication tool, not a palm computer app machine. Let's put that aside.

    When I jumped to Android, I liked it very much. It made sense to me and I thought it was very well thought out and intuitive. It was not a BlackBerry, of course, but for what it was, I admired it and used it as best I could.

    I then switched to iOS (iPhone 4s) mostly because of peer pressure. All of my tech savvy friends said I would absolutely LOVE it. Surprisingly, I did not. I actually preferred Android when it came to a touch screen app-driven smart phone. I missed being able to choose which icons I could place on the home screens, and which I could simply have hidden in a master menu. I missed some of the Android features that iPhone either had done quite differently, or had subtly avoided by different methodology that I just did not prefer. I think iOS has a much smoother touch technology. Their user interface seemed to glide and be more accurate, especially when typing, than Android. Kudos on that for Apple. I should add that I have had an iPod Touch for quite a while, as well as a Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire so I was tuned in to how to use an iPhone and an Android operating system. Yet I preferred Android every time. Go figure.

    Through all this, I missed my BlackBerry for every day use. So I went BACK to BLACK. And glad I did. I'll probably leap to "10" eventually, but for now, I'm happy with my os 6 BlackBerry 9780 as a daily communication tool.

    It is interesting to me that I did not adopt the iPhone as my phone of choice. Back in the day when Apple Macs were blooming, I was a Mac-a-holic. I loved the apple operating system VS Windows.

    I think that Apple has a very long life cycle for the iPhone's current platform. They always continue to surprise, and gain fans. If they need to upgrade, they will, some how, some way, some day.
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    01-27-13 07:14 AM
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