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    Hi. Apple Mac + Blackberry Torch 9800 w/ a bit of a laundry list of questions that have not been answered elsewhere (i.e. scoured Blackberry.com, etc)...

    1) Sync NOTES/MEMO PAD - "Apple Mail Notes" is lame lame lame & is nothing more than an after-thought. Missing Sync notes is pretty cool but their overall sync software does not work well (way too many errors). Blackberry Desktop Software Sync works great but does not sync MemoPad to anything except the lame "apple mail notes." I have no problem exporting my 500 + notes from missing sync Notebook into a new program.
    QUESTION - Anyone know of a good (free or paid) Notes / Memos program that is easy to use and install on Mac that syncs with MemoPad?

    2) Cannot figure out how to (at least temporarily) deactivate the Num Lock WHEN ENTERING DATA into the actual Contacts (EDIT mode) phone number fields, something which was standard operating procedure on my past phones, e.g. "212-121-2121 Larry in Tech"
    Blackberry only lets "212-121-2121" be entered with Num Lock automatically ON, but it would be GREAT to disable the Num Lock for a more detailed entry as described above.
    Note that on my imported numbers from where I did this All The Time on my previous phone, the added text in the phone field that imports from the Mac Address Book entry does not In Any Way affect the ability to call the aforementioned phone numbers perfectly well.
    SO - how to disable or temporarily turn off the Num Lock in the Phone # (Contacts) fields?

    p.s. I tried the normal suggestions for Num Lock on or off when, say, texting on the 9800 from the slide out keyboard - people describe a "123" key that does not exist on the slide out keyboard, or tapping the R or L Shift key, etc - does not work for getting text into a Contact Phone Number field.

    3) Any way to change the COLOR of the text messaging balloons? The default colors are nearly identical (bluish grey for ME & grayish blue for Other). Would prefer a stronger contrast.
    Please advise.

    4) Any websites that have really great "Must-Have" app lists and recommendations (especially FREE apps / games / productivity tools)
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    Point #1 and #2 I can't answer.
    Ans #3: press and hold alt key while dialing, it'll bring up the alphabets. Don't know --- and I think there isn't --- if there is any way to disable numerical keypad.

    Ans #5: hop on to gadzonemobile[dot]com for great freewares for BB. U'll thank that guy for the rest of ur life since he has no-nonsense things around.
    03-17-12 01:58 AM