1. Darlaten's Avatar
    Just an FYI;

    If you browse to the Blackberry App Worlds Webstore and search for some apps for either your Playbook/Phone, you may be prompted with an invitation to complete a survey about the App Store's look and functionality on the web.

    The survey includes questions about which apps are missing from App World that you would like to see; questions regarding the formatting of the website, i.e,. is it clear? do the links work? can you find items in the store using the search engine?; and questions regarding how you make purchases, i.e., do you use QR codes, download a link to your phone, prefer to browse the store via your phone/Playbook/computer, and so forth.

    I'm not sure if this just a regular survey that Blackberry does or if this is something new. I'm also not sure if this would be a worldwide survey or Canada (where I am) specific survey.
    09-13-12 12:10 PM
  2. Cesare21's Avatar
    That's strange, I didn't find anything.
    09-13-12 01:02 PM