1. silentkillersam's Avatar
    Some Good News for Berryholics in the U.A.E, App World is Expected to Launch on 24th April 2011 (24/04/11).

    Despite the long Disputed Blackberry Service continuation in the U.A.E and recent rumors of Blocking the Service Again, nothing is Clear as to what the TRA is thinking,

    But Blackberry Services contribute to a Lot of Revenue in the Middle East, so personally I think it would be unlikely for them to Stop the Service.

    App World Launch was suppose to be on 17/04/11 but was postponed, the new date as mentioned is 24th *hopefully*

    Initially App world would launch with 500 Apps which include paid & Free apps.

    App world will be working for Consumers with Browsing Enabled Packages Only.

    Next Focus in the U.A.E after App world is going to be the Launch of Play book as its Confirmed that Playbook will be coming to the U.A.E but the News is too Early and the Entry of Playbook is still a few months Away.

    Cheers, Hope this Info may be Useful to Some.

    04-19-11 03:52 PM
  2. tkwolf's Avatar
    thats good news to UAE owners!
    04-19-11 11:23 PM
  3. anas2023's Avatar
    well, it's the 27th of April and i still get the same stupid frustrating message !!

    "not available in your country"
    04-27-11 03:37 AM