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    Firstly, I have searched the web and forums and tried all solutions before posting this.

    I have two issues, both of which affect both my PlayBook and my 9900.

    1. The currency of purchases in App World has switched from GBP to USD. I have tried going to purchase an app, and re-adding my PayPal account as has been suggested in numerous other threads. This did not resolve the issue. This same problem occurs both on my PlayBook and 9900.

    2. The majority of paid for apps generate the following error when I attempt to buy them: "There is a system error. Please try again later. (Error id: 7400). I have re-verified my PayPal account which did not fix this. I also tried using a credit card instead of PayPal as the payment method; the same error is still displayed.

    I have also tried:

    - Re-installing App World
    - Security wipe
    - Re-install of PlayBook OS

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate your assistance. Searching the web and forums did not yield any information which would solve this.
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