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    Hey all,

    Here is my question. Is the new version of App World (v1.1) supposed to store the apps on my media card, even if I don't choose to "archive" them? When I went to see what was on my media card, there was a separate folder specifically for App World that contained all of my apps.


    P.S. This thread was created to post questions of any kind about App World so we don't start new threads each time we have a new question...I did that and it didn't help me, it was just annoying, so I thought that we could consolidate all of the questions to one thread. Hope this helps!
    08-03-09 09:14 PM
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    No questions or answers? LOL
    08-04-09 10:41 AM
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    I posted this is 3rd party apps, and the general BB discussion, but have received no useful answers for any of it yet. BB App World is only one of the issues I have encountered, but its bugs are what led to the whole long saga:

    I had a lot of trouble signing up for the Blackberry Owner's Lounge, because it asked for a number (ESN? I think) that is listed nowhere on my device or on the box label. When I clicked the option to explain what it was, it tried, but failed, to launch a Flash Media file. Why would the Blackberry site use Flash Media, when it is well known that BBs cannot run Flash? I finally just guessed and entered my MEID DEC #, and that seemed to work for some unknown reason. Why doesn't the registration page just say it is the MEID DEC # printed on the box the BB came in and listed in the Status option, instead of using unfamiliar letters, and providing no BB-accessible way of viewing the explanation?
    Now when I try to log in to the owner's lounge in Opera Mini or Bolt, or manually in the native browser, it refuses to recognize my email address or any login info. However, I can log into it in the native browser by clicking on the verification link in the email I received, but the site looks all jacked up, and it won't let me post anything, even though I'm logged in, and it says I can post.
    So, was trying to post the following there in the App World discussion, but no luck, so I was hoping maybe someone here might have some ideas or answers:
    Blackberry Curve 8330 (for personal use, and have no PC for desktop-based solutions)
    OS 4.5xxx (My About function stopped working last month, so I can't get the last numbers, but I remember it being like .025 or .075, but when I called Sprint, they claimed they only run 4.5 period, with no additional numbers. And no, alt+R+shift+H doesn't do anything to help retrieve this info)
    The most recent prior version of AppWorld, as well as the current one.
    I believe I'm on BIS.
    I purchased BeBuzz 1.1.83 from the Blackberry App World Store (apparently this was a big mistake) in mid-June, and last week I downloaded the new trial version of 2.0.64, which is now expired. I have tried to purchase the $2.99 upgrade, but there is no purchase option in the menu on the details page. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling both BeBuzz and BAW app, and at one point did get a "Buy" button option, but it keeps directing me to a non-BAW page that charges $5.99. Bebuzz was just reinstalling the expired trial version, but now it seems to have installed an earlier version (1.0.25)than the one I purchased.
    I have repeatedly tried to send a customer service request to BAW, but it won't go through, at first claiming that my BB PIN, that I cut and pasted from my status option, is invalid. And then giving me errors and requesting a Partner Code, and I have no idea what that is, or where to get one. And, yes, I did choose Blackberry App World in the pull-down menu. Does anyone know another way to contact them?
    Because I couldn't contact BAW, I sent the above info to the Bellshare customer service, and got the following reply:
    <You will find an option to upgrade BerryBuzz in the MyWorld section of AppWorld.>
    To which I replied:
    <Tried MyWorld several times before I sent my email. The only buttons are Run, which just seems to reset all my old BeBuzz settings to default; and Download Trial, which just redownloads the already expired trial. There is no button for purchase, and there is no option in the menu list either.>
    To which was finally replied:
    <Make sure you login to you Paypal account from MyWorld by selecting 'Login' from the BlackBerry menu.>
    To which I have replied:
    <This is getting very frustrating. I *was* logged into both BAW and Paypal. I wouldn't have been able to access MyWorld without being logged in. I have tried everything you've suggested long before I even sent the first email. I am thinking that maybe your company should check the Blackberry App World to ensure they actually *are* providing customers a way to purchase the $2.99 upgrade, because all it does (either deliberately, or they have a serious bug in both of the most recent versions of BAW) is redirect you to a non-BAW site, charging twice as much. Is this a seriously messed up link, or part of a bait-and-switch consumer fraud to charge double for the upgrade? I shouldn't have to beg for days for the "privilege" of giving a company money for an upgrade for which I am eligible.>
    Sorry for the long saga, it should NOT be this difficult to get someone to sell you something, especially in this economy!
    08-16-09 11:25 PM