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    Ok guys. Not sure this has been asked (I did a search and nothing that fit came up; also on the Title, nothing fit there, either) so here goes:

    I recently got a Curve 8530 from my friend in Seattle. I registered and activated it via Virgin Mobile (since it's a VM phone). I've seen the posts on various forums about having to have a data plan, which I will get asap... however, when I try to use BB App World, it says I'm not connected to the wireless network. I understand the reasoning behind that, which is due to my not being in an area that has service through either VM or Sprint. Now, with that said, I'm having a problem with the APN List (which I'm assuming the Service Books is tied to from what I've read on that, too). My question is, how can I fix the radio function on my BB so I can download apps and things? I got that dreaded message on the App World website stating my radio was off, but my model doesn't have the TCP/IP settings. I'm wondering a: why RIM didn't allow this function to be corrected by the user and b: why this even happens. I've even had to fix the Wi-Fi on it so I can use it to use the apps, but now I can't access AW, either on my BB or via the website. Do I need to go to an area with service so I can fix this? I've already gotten two or three of the SBs in queue, so I'm hoping that the problem is corrected when I get to a service area. But it worked fine on Wi-Fi until I upgraded the OS. I'm just wondering what happened; was it due to my upgrade or what?
    01-14-13 08:18 PM
  2. lunaticwithin's Avatar
    The quickest and easiet way would be to activate a blackberry data plan as all the relevant service books would be pushed to the device.

    Otherwise, while connected to wifi you need to go to mobile.blackberry.com and install the latest version of app world from there as this allows access without a data plan.
    01-15-13 01:17 AM

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