1. Ellsworth187's Avatar
    Hi, newbie here and this site was recommended highly to possibly provide some insight to an issue I'm having.

    activated via a port in from Alltel to Verizon....AOL mail acct either doesn't receive the emails or gets them in significantly delayed bursts several hours after they're sent. Verizon claims everything fine in their system....we have removed the acct from the device a few times...cleared memory....deleted everything you can think of and re-registered it....verified the AOL acct is set up to deliver emails to BB......registered the AOL acct on blackberry.com, etc.

    running out of ideas. verizon said 41 emails were received and delivered but there have been more than double that sent to my acct since yesterday so a lot are just vanishing and never showing up.

    thanks in advance!
    05-26-09 08:29 AM
  2. cowboy774's Avatar
    I dont have an answer for you, but I was just about to post something on this. I too have AOL on my BB in addition to Yahoo mail. I either never get AOL mail or get them hours later, yet Yahoo is almost instantly everytime. VZW has had me delete the service book and they resent them to me. VZW said the problem is not on their end. I am at a loss, I read somewhere to check my mail settings for Outlook Express bc something might cause a delay if Outlook Express does not leave a copy on the server. I am still looking for that.
    05-28-09 07:07 PM