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    Hi guys...

    I'm trying to get a Curve 8530 cheaper than $300 which is what virgin mobile offers online...I found this anything4wireless.com. I saw an older post saying that the person liked it, but does anyone have any more newer proof that they are a trustworthy company to order from? How long does shipping take, and if it was to Canada?

    Thanks in advance!
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    07-28-10 01:34 PM
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    07-28-10 01:44 PM
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    Ive used them once for an sd card, and was pleased, they didnt rip me off if thats the kind of info you are looking for.
    07-28-10 01:51 PM
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    I was actually in the same situation about a month ago. I couldn't find enough info on them to trust spending 260 bucks on the Virgin Mobile Curve. I ended up getting my Curve from an Ebay seller. With Bing Cashback it only cost $249.99 shipped.

    Good Luck with whichever route you go.
    07-28-10 05:18 PM
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    Thanks for the info so far guys!

    Anyone else know if they are trustworthy or not?
    08-03-10 12:13 PM