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    I don't know if you understand what I mean by multi-sim. I don't know the english therm.

    The fact is that I have two phones with the same number, so I have 2 sim cards, being one the master. The target of having two phones is that when in the office, calls to the company number are redirected to one of the phones (an office phone, easier to transfer calls between company employees). The requirement is that that phone must have the master SIM.

    And here is the problem. With the second SIM in my BB, the BB service doesn't work. I don't receive mails and I can connect only with the WAP service.

    I see that with that second card, has less service books than the main one. Also, when I insert again the main card, a SMS is sent to confirm that I've registered in the network.

    Is it possible to do something to fix this?
    12-16-08 12:29 PM
  2. sherifbmw's Avatar
    its strange, i have 2 sim cards and both are working because both have the same SIM no. i think try to consult your operator
    12-16-08 07:20 PM
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    It might your adapter. I remember reading in a different forum that some adapters aren't data compatible, but I'm surprised to hear you have WAP working.

    OK, it found a link on ZDNet, where they claim Blackberry compatibility. SIMORE dual SIM card — FrankenBerry is ALIVE! | Tech Broiler | ZDNet.com
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    12-16-08 09:35 PM