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    In February I bought a little more than $100 worth of parts for my Blackberry 9780 from SW-Box. The most significant piece was the LCD Screen. Anyway, got the stuff, put 'em all together and then happily put a Bodyguardz skin on the LCD screen.

    Shortly thereafter I noticed several blemishes in the middle 3rd of the screen but just chalked it up to dust between the screen and screen protector. Well, about the end of April I decided to take the skin off the screen and replace it with a cleaner one and low and behold, the blemishes were still there. If I looked closely when the device is on a white screen, you can tell the blemishes are obviously below the glass. They look like groups of grey pixels when the screen is on and like scuffs when the screen is off (black).

    Anyway, I asked SW-Box to help with a replacement, knowing it was out of warranty. They sent me back an e-mail saying that it was out of warranty, sorry. I knew that going in, but many quality companies that I've dealt with (Amazon, Conceiva, etc.) have always been willing to step up to the plate and at least help out a bit in situations like this.

    Anyone ever have any kind of luck with SW-Box in this kind of situation or should I just write it off and try to find a vendor that will live up to my expectations? Starting to wonder if I shouldn't have juts gotten a cheaper LCD from a vendor off of Amazon. I thought the extra 30% I payed for the same item from a "reputable" vendor should carry some sort of assurance for situations like this.
    05-15-12 12:33 PM