1. ladydianab's Avatar
    I just read an article/blog on the berry review site that talked about mobilizr. I went to look at it but I wasn't clear if that is geared more toward companies or for personal use. If it allows use to your computer does that mean using specified programs such as MS office? Just wondering, di
    01-28-08 10:31 AM
  2. RelicAte's Avatar
    I read the article too and was very curious about the program. Because they offered a free trial, I figured I might as well check it out. I signed up and installed the computer portion of the application, and then downloaded and installed the BlackBerry Client portion, all with ease and not a hitch.

    Once connected, it was pretty cool to see my interaction via the BlackBerry client transpiring before my eyes on my computer. It was pretty much like having a remote control in my hand that allowed me to control my computer! I could navigate my screen, open and close programs - pretty much anything I wanted to do I could - just like being at the computer.

    The only drawback for me was the fact that it was a fairly slow process, but I suppose this is quite understandable considering the amount of data that is probably going back and forth. I'm a little weary as to the security of the whole process as well.

    But all in all, if you really needed to access your computer at home or at work on a regular basis, this is a really handy tool to have at your disposal.
    01-30-08 04:41 PM