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    So, this has been happening to me since last night. I'm synced with Gmail, and for some reason I started getting a delay in recieving my e-mails. I logged on to my BIS and decided to delete my e-mail setup, and re-do it. When I did this, nothing happened on my phone, the e-mail didn't delete like it usually does when I've done this before (it's usually immediate) and when I re-set it up, it was like nothing had changed. I reset my phone, and then my e-mail deleted and re-set while the phone was booting up. I sent a test e-mail to myself after all of this, and it's STILL having a crazy delay, and I'm not even sure i'll be able to recieve it. I also just resent my service books, and I haven't recieved the confirmation e-mail. Anyone have any thoughts?

    Just re-registered my routing table, which kicked my service books thru, but am still not recieving any new e-mails...
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    05-19-09 08:32 AM
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    I'm having network issues now with AT&T. I'm not getting anything unless I'm connected to wifi.
    05-19-09 12:02 PM