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    In the video here:
    Dan Dodge shows off the QNX Bentley concept car at CES | CrackBerry.com

    At the very end the guy said that they are announcing a new car in 2 weeks that uses the tricked out QNX info/entertainment system. "3 connect systems" integrated into the car.

    Even more interesting is that Jan 30 is about 2 weeks away. So, a leaked surprise for us is coming on Jan 30!
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    Detroit auto show, some new cars are being released. I have a feeling that it might be new Lexus IS. It has navigation screen with all your infotainment integrated and cluster is a digital screen, he mentioned 2 screens being used.

    Lexus IS video here:
    2014 Lexus IS Revealed: Exclusive Photos and Video | AutoGuide.com News
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    Awesome, thanks!
    01-11-13 01:52 PM

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