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    I do a lot of writing on my old 8900, especially while walking. It isn't unusualy for me to write 1,500 to 2,500 words at a time on it. (Do THAT on your touch-screen iPhones, bitches!) Afterward, I invariably suffer BlackBerry Back, a sore spot right in the middle of my back. I think the discomfort comes from looking down at it for several hours at a time. Maybe I need to develop and patent a "BlackBerry Posture." Head up, shoulders back, BlackBerry held aloft at eye-level.

    Anyone else experience this? Or am I the only ***** that types over 2,000 words into a BlackBerry at a time?

    (I used to carry around small notebooks and a pen, then I switched to an HP Journada--way back in the day--and then I went through a series of BlackBerry's devices. Earlier in the year, I "upgraded" to an Android phone with a slide out keyboard, but it was so poorly engineered, I couldn't give up the BlackBerry for real writing. The only reason I haven't thrown the Android into the ocean and just used the Curve is the portable wireless hotspot feature. I use it too often.)
    10-13-11 08:25 PM
  2. dentynefire's Avatar
    The only BB back I suffer from is BB back to work lol

    Seriously tho google mid back, or back stretches, stretch slowly and hold for ~30 seconds. Don't stretch to the point of pain.
    10-14-11 07:31 AM
  3. jbeachy's Avatar
    I write similar-sized documents on my BlackBerry but have never suffered from "BlackBerry Back." Has to be related to posture, don't you think? You can be a trail-blazer - using your BlackBerry, write a book on how to avoid "BlackBerry Back" while using your BlackBerry! You can learn as you go.

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    10-14-11 09:31 AM