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    I've been researching all night about how the protocal works. I've been listening to music on my BT headset since my 8310 and thru my mustangs and I've noticed from the beginning that it breaks up. Even the car breaks up. I thought at first it was the phones and now the Torch is no better. So now I think that maybe the BT radio must refresh its connection. Does anybody know if this is close or just the nature?

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    01-27-11 08:04 PM
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    01-27-11 08:18 PM
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    Thanks. I've read that and the specs it links to. Although very good reads and discription of how the devices are connected and media trandfered. I still don't know why the breaking up. I don't understand what's happening with the packets as the connection is kept alive. I dint believe it to be hardware issue in that its the breaking with any headset or src with the car. Ie all my wifes iphones breaks up. I thought of cellar interfrence so I've tjrned it off on my bbs same thing. What leads me to believe its in the protocol is when connected it doesn't start out breaking or broke up. Its after a period of time the stream has been alive. It makes me think of ip packets. The devices decide on the size and the transmission is carried out dependent on packet to packet. This protocols doesn't seem to break it down to the follow up packet or how to keep alive. If it there I sure don't understand it. Lol

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    01-28-11 07:30 AM