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    HI All,
    Thought I would put this out there, as I am always looking for new situations to maximise the use of my BB 9650 Bold.
    Heres mine;
    I am a hobbiest musician. I have somewhat of a home studio. I play the piano and synthesizer. I own a Yamaha XS8. Its undoubtably one of Yamahas best versital unites.
    Heres just a few of the things I can with the synth and my BB. I use the BB headphone jack as a line-in too my A/D input port on my synth and make the BB a track (this keyboard is a digital workstation with 16 tracks) I play an MP3 I have on my BB and play along to it. Or record the output from my BB and tweak the music anyway I want. I can then convert the file into a .wav and down to an mp3 and play it back through my BB in my car stereo or home stereo to show my friends or fellow musicians what Ive been up too.
    The media player in the BB is actualy pretty decent. I wouldnt cut a real demo CD with it, but its a blast to play with.
    Another cool thing I do is make my own Ringtones through the Synth for my BB. The synth is extremly powerful and has any sound you could imagine of the utmost quality. So I record a short .wav, convert to a mp3 or convert to Ringtone right from the .wav
    I still havent run out of things I can do with my BB while my laptop just sits in the corner now collecting dust.
    Anybody eles ?
    08-04-10 05:49 PM
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    I use mine to control my receiver. I have a Denon 990 with the network port. so i can go in through the website of it and change inputs, vol, ect... mainly i use it when outside for bbq/parties to turn zone 2 on for my outdoor speakers and then adjust the volume as the night goes on.
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    08-05-10 07:32 AM