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    I was just wondering if any warfish players found a way to take their turns on their bb. I have tried using opera mini, with some success, but the maps don't load correctly.

    For anyone who doesn't know what warfish is:
    "This is a war game designed for competitive casual gamers. It is run completely online using a combination of webpages and email to display the user interface and notify players that it is their turn. It does not require any third party plug-ins, flash, java or even javascript to play and requires minimal information to register (basically you just need to choose a password). Warfish.net allows up to eight players to compete for world domination.

    The only way to sign up for Warfish is to be invited by other players to play a game. "

    Imagine playing Risk online with seven other people.
    If this seems interesting to anyone, let me know (I will need your email though) and I can invite you to a game.
    12-03-08 03:39 PM