1. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    So after about an hour and reinstallation of drivers on Vista I'm able to connect my BB to my laptop with little problem. Only issue is, I can't figure out why in the world I'd want to!

    It takes me just as long to enable bluetooth and connect with my computer as it does to plug the phone into the USB port.

    Also, with bluetooth you can only transfer one file at a time and it's kind of a pain to do. I don't 'sync' my media, I transfer it manually. Bluetooth transfers are not really "drag and drop." So if I want to transfer 30 podcasts in one shot it's faster if I just hook up the USB anyway.

    I can backup the contacts, etc. via bluetooth but really, I do that maybe once every 2 weeks, not like I'm always connected.

    Is there anything that I'm missing? Single file transfers and backing up the phone via desktop manager? If this is it then there's essentially no reason to do BT rather than USB, since with USB the phone will charge while I'm doing it too....

    Is there something I'm missing?
    01-27-10 06:38 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I don't think you are missing anything. Rim/BB is!!!! I don't know why they have not permitted Windows' Explorer and the BB to communicate in a more coordinated fashion under Bluetooth. Wireless (BT) exploration of a LIST of files would be very nice.

    I sometimes want to move one file and so, do use the BT. The step it spares me is having to "safely remove hardware" so that I don't accidently unplug and potentially bollix up the directory or folder system on the sd card.

    My pc and BB are "connected" so I only have to right-click the BT icon in the tasktray and indicate send/receive and fire up the MediaPlayer's Explore function. You are right - not exactly user friendly but I don't have to re-enable BT - it just has to startup.
    01-27-10 07:46 PM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    There's an app (Blurts, or something like that) that lets you use your PC screen to view calls and the PC speakers and mic to talk. That's one possibly interesting use of Bluetooth. I agree that using Bluetooth to sync or copy files doesn't offer much advantage over the USB cable.
    01-27-10 08:10 PM
  4. carsten's Avatar
    I kind of agree - the phone-computer bluetooth link was painful and I rarely used it. For a while, whenever I switched the computer on, it would ask, 'do you want to connect to BOLD9000?'.

    But in the last month or so, I am unable to link the two via bluetooth - no matter how hard I try! 'Please enter the passkey for CARSTEN-PC' my bb asks.... I don't know they passkey! Nothing obvious I try works, and I cannot work out how to find out the passkey. Have even tried re-installing the bluetooth module. But nothing works!

    There is one thing worse than a painful bluetooth hookup - that is not being able to at all!
    01-29-10 04:00 AM
  5. Fuzzballz's Avatar
    if you delete the bold bluetooth connection on your PC and vice-versa, and then let them "re-find" each other, it should let you reset the security key.
    01-29-10 04:04 AM
  6. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Is your laptop running VISTA? The generic passkey for VISTA Business is 0001
    02-03-10 06:39 PM