1. loveliestjack's Avatar
    Good Afternoon

    I was wondering if anyone had heard when the official launch dates are for the new OS 5.0 and the Mac Device Manager? I have been reading about the leaked OS 5.0, however i am fairly new to the berry and as i am using a mac i cannot just reinstall the older version of OS if it goes wrong.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
    09-23-09 09:13 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    You will never get a streight answer to that question, software development and testing can not be done on a schedule.

    The development of both is taking place internally at Research in Motion. During certain stages of development, the interim results are released to second parties (Carriers) for their testing and feedback. That is where leaks occur.

    By the time a leak has occured, the software development has moved on.

    Personally, I feel it much more important to get it right then to rush development and release a sub standard product.
    09-23-09 12:04 PM
  3. Apploader's Avatar
    Agreed. Nobody can give specific release dates for software.

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    09-23-09 08:40 PM