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    Hi,just finished updating the os on my storm 9500 with no issues.

    Tried to do my wifes (oops) and looks like i have nuked it.Firstly would not let me do a back up,so cleared cache cookies etc but still found error.
    Thought as mine had been ok so would hers (oops again).
    So started the update and remembered just as it started the auto back up that once it started to reload the auto back up there maybe issues as would not let me do a manual one,so i cancelled it during the auto back up.

    Result a berry with a black screen at all times and a lcd that flashes continously,when i connect it to dm it does not recognise the device and a battery pull does nothing.
    I have read the nuked thread and it says nuked ones normally have a white screen and continually reboots mine is not even doing that,also i can find the rim file and open it which goes to a blackberry file.if i open that i have files but the only one that has the description app loader is entitled images and does nothing just has images of dm screens.

    Any ideas before the wife gets home :-(((
    10-26-09 12:09 PM