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    I love BlackBerry phones and have been using them for the last ten years or so although I've recently been pretty disappointed with the cameras. My Passport is fine if you're shooting a stationary target and have a few seconds to spare waiting for the focus, but is not up to speed compared with my wife's iPhone camera. I was wondering if there have been any substantial improvements in the Priv/DTEK50 models.

    I'm definitely moving to an Android device next (for app support) and would really like to stay with a BlackBerry phone if possible.

    Any comments and experiences from DTEK (and Priv) users welcome. Thanks.
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    09-04-16 08:43 AM
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    Also curious, but assume it's a slow android camera. Most of them are slow to focus and actually capture, I have a ton of phones, BlackBerry makes some of the worst device cameras, might look great in a well lit daytime shot, but in reality, trying to take a picture of my 2 year old while doing anything is a chore and a half. Focus is slow and catching anything in motion turns out to be terrible. Had the one m8 slow to process and allow for another shot only 4 ultra pixels couldn't crop horrible resolution and sharpness. Iphone, sadly fastest to take shot and save it and allow for another, burst mode is unmatched by any android or BlackBerry I have tried, quality is not great tho, LG makes cameras that are really good at taking sharp photos, but post processing kills them. Take in RAW on G5 and it takes great photos, but big file size. I really don't know how people say samsung has best camera. I had a s6 and it was terrible. So much noise, blur and weird color spectrum.. the newest android devices are getting better they take better photos than BlackBerry and iphone but I find they still take longer to do it than iphone. I wish BlackBerry had an android that was high enough in specs and optimization that it fixed these problems

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    09-04-16 07:16 PM
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    http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...tek50-1082848/ you can view here?

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    09-04-16 07:20 PM
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    The dtek camera is way better than i thought it was going to be and light years ahead of any bb10 camera i have used.

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    09-04-16 07:20 PM
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    Most cameras nowadays are decent. You can get good pics if you have good light and a steady hand. Good enough for the regular Joe.
    09-05-16 12:33 AM
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    Thanks, missed that thread. That's really helpful.
    09-05-16 02:41 PM

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