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    Does anyone know what the cap connectors that connect the radio and wifi antenna to the board are called? I was taking apart my Storm 9550 yesterday and I forgot to take the microSD card out and I pulled the wires right out of the connectors. I've been desperately trying to fix my error and have had no such luck.

    Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about:

    Attachment 100380

    Attachment 100381

    Attachment 100382
    01-10-12 11:25 PM
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    Looks like it could be MHF style. Try this link for pics and how they might restore. http://www.i-pex.com/products/Catalog_E/C_MHF_E.pdf

    I don't hold much hope for buying replacements in small quantity..
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    01-11-12 09:40 AM
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    Thank You so much! That link helped a ton! I pinpointed the actual make and model of the micro coaxial connector to be a Hirose N.FL connector. It should be a mated height of 1.5mm as I took the different measurments with a caliber and they match up in the specification tab for the Hirose models on Wellshow.com

    Now all I have to do is contact the company to discuss cost. Hopefully bulk is not all that they sell, but that will have to be seen. Again, thanks so much!
    01-12-12 10:59 PM