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    1) Some very good news, but
    2) Will BB exploit it?
    Video - Apple iOS 6.1 iPhone Update Causing Problems in Company-Based Microsoft Outlook Systems - WSJ.com

    Blackberry Z10 has none of these problems. Imagine being told by your corporate..."um...sorry, no iPhones permitted in here."
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    The front line employees only know what they have in the store at that moment. This is just my thoughts, but what I think will happen is at that big mobile show next week, the carriers are going to make an announcement and say that preorders are starting the following day. After that, chances are that when you go into a store, the guys working will still have no clue about when the z10 will be coming out.

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    I have a friend who is a "tester" and while he is not testing the z10 a co-worker of his IS testing the Z10...
    ...I asked him about the Z10 on Monday of this week and he told me he would ask his fellow co-worker about it.

    This is an area I know less than nothing about and always assumed the cellular companies themselves did the testing....
    ...Not according to this person - he works for "a company" that performs these tests ( on Androids, WP & Blackberry ).


    Just called him, the guy he works with is "still testing" the device and that is about all he told me.....
    ...From the sounds of it the tester checks the device out from an "inventory custodian" does specific tests then uploads the results.
    ...After the shift the device gets checked back into the inventory custodian and that's it ( you don't go to dinner with the phone ).

    I offered the guy a $125.00 lobster dinner if he brought the phone and he laughed it off......
    ...I took that reaction to indicate it's against the rules to "show off" or display the device to the heathan LOL.

    I have no idea who is paying to have the device tested but it's still being tested....
    ...Sorry folks, I tried.
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  4. Rello's Avatar
    Im interested to see their support when this device drops. I was at a Target store a few nights ago. Not one single BB device on display. I need this device. My 9900 acts up more and more everyday
    02-21-13 10:50 PM
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