1. jagrlover's Avatar
    Some more pics.
    Another iphone5 comparison.......again-comp2.jpgAnother iphone5 comparison.......again-comp3.jpgAnother iphone5 comparison.......again-comp4.jpgAnother iphone5 comparison.......again-comp5.jpgAnother iphone5 comparison.......again-comp6.jpg
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    12-16-12 10:54 AM
  2. cjcampbell's Avatar
    When they are side by side, the L looks quite a bit taller but once on top of each other, it's really quite negligible.
    12-16-12 10:58 AM
  3. mikeo007's Avatar
    Why not use your existing thread? http://forums.crackberry.com/general...15/index2.html

    Also, what is that hideous growth on the back of the iPhone?
    12-16-12 10:59 AM
  4. grover5's Avatar
    Thanks OP. Great shots. I'm liking the L series more every time I see it.
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    12-16-12 11:09 AM

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