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    I have now won over another convert! I recently purchased a Curve and so i gave my month old Pearl to my business partner (we own a performing arts studio in So Cal) and now he's addicted!!! I knew it for sure when i received a BB messenger chat invitation from him that already had others chattin' it up with him! Today i decided to take it to the next level and introduce him to the Crackberry family! We shall see what happens now! I believe hes already trying to weild his berry like a samurai warrior(per my post in the 8300 forum entitled "8300 pounces on Helio Ocean") as i saw him get pretty hostile towards one of our bud's for calling us "trendy" due to our newly found bb obsession! The quest for converts continues! I will not rest until everyone (or at least my friends and family) are raising their blackberrys to the sky in jubilation!

    (looks lovingly down at bb Curve)

    Oh how did i ever live without you!

    Till later

    farewell my brothers and sisters

    06-08-07 02:11 PM
  2. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Brilliant, keep em' coming...
    06-08-07 02:31 PM