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    I have a sprint 8330 with the newest os and I have Plantronics Voyager Pro BT headset (awesome!). So, I have have a 45 minute drive each way to work and I listen a lot of audio-books so sound quality is a non-issue. I want to be able to listen to them through the headset. I have been reading the forums and everyone says get a good stereo bt headset or you HAVE to have a2dp compliant headset. Well, that can't be right and here is why. My phone system sends me voice-mails through email. If I play them, I have a choice of Preview or Download and play. Download and play uses the media player and will not push through the headset but preview works perfectly, I can email a music track and preview it and it works also.

    Is there a program that will route audio through whatever the preview system is or will push audio to the bluetooth headset. Can someone point me in the direction of what the **** the preview player is or how to access it?

    Thanks for reading.
    12-02-09 11:32 AM
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    I might be wrong here....

    I also have a 8330 with bt (I use jawbone prime). I've had MAJOR problems getting anything other than phone cals to go thru bt
    Pandora: no.
    Viigo podcasts: no.
    Drivesafe.ly (sms reader): no.
    Media: no.
    Vymail (visual voice mail app): no.

    Seriously, if I would've known the horrible linitations of the bt comatibility I would have NEVER bought this thing. I've emailed app developers and searched forums - no help. I think the deal is: the 8330 does not support certain bt models very well.

    I know that answers isn't pleasant - but, well... It sucks - you just gotta deal with it.

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    12-02-09 12:01 PM