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    Re: Annus Horribilis--Management Mis-Steps in 2011

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm going to vote with my wallet, and buy that Torch 9810 when it finally gets launched in my part of Asia. The Torch 9810 has still not yet been launched in my country as of early-Dec 2011 !!!

    With RIM finally biting the bullet, admitting that both PlayBook is not selling well, and its smartphone portfolio is selling below expectations (with USA market rate below 10%), it's been a horrible year of 2011 for RIM/BlackBerry:

    Actually iP*d is the only maker who is making money from this tablet business...

    This proves that the PlayBook was a monumental mistake, the co-CEO's put the *entire* company's resources into developing a tablet that was late, incomplete, with little or no App developer support.

    And the consequences and opportunity costs of this huge blunder?

    a) The *entire* portfolio of BlackBerry Smartphones were delayed: Bold 9900, Torch 9810, and Torch 9860. Sales are down. (Heck, some countries in Asia cannot buy the Torch 9810 yet, while the Torch 9860 had just been launched last week !!)

    b) The QNX platform/brand had been tarnished (dare I suggest QNX name damaged), with a number of developers shunning support for PlayBook/QNX platform outright. (Now you know why BlackBerry called it the BBX and not the QNX.)

    c) RIM risks being in no-mans-land, risking alienating existing Java developers for BlackBerry OS7 feel like second class citizens, with RIM giving no conversion tools to port their applications to the new BBX platform. Pity they have to write the application from scratch.

    So with little support for future QNX/BBX, and existing Java developers don't see the future of BlackBerry OS7, RIM is actually *losing* what traction left in its App store.

    d) RIM/BlackBerry had also entirely missed the boat in the App-commerce that had now spring up, here in Asia many companies are expanding their business by launching Apps for both Android and iPhone/iPad--and none for BlackBerry at all. This was because RIM/BlackBerry had entirely missed the boat in being late to market with the OS7 series of smartphones, costing BlackBerry dearly in market/App momentum.

    e) In retrospect, RIM should have launched the OS7 series of smartphones (its bread and butter portfolio and money maker) in early 2011, and then launch its PlayBook tablet afterwards. ie: co-CEO's got the launch order backwards, and in the process damaging *both* the QNX name and also damaging the OS7 market position.
    (I for one strongly felt RIM should have launched its OS7 smartphones first, and this was back in Sept/Oct 2010 when the PlayBook was announced. Common sense.)

    ~So what is the point? The entire company's direction was serious wrong, and who is ultimately responsible for this? The co-CEO's, and the entire senior management of RIM. CEO's have been replaced for lesser sins than the blunders mentioned above...
    12-02-11 10:34 AM
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    These points have been talked about in other posts. I predict BB will be popular in Asia.

    I see a lot of good signs for support for BlackBerry and the pb. As great apps continue to roll-in the pb will become the most attractive and useful tablet, it's powerful and portable
    12-02-11 11:20 AM