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    I find it funny that everyone complains about Android "privacy issues with Google", yet suggests Baidu or Yandex as an alternative.

    And I sure hope BlackBerry isn't following Turing's footsteps... so far that company is just full of empty promises and vapourware.
    Well, I never said I was suspicious about android/ Google "stealing data" or other such things. I only said that such perceptions cud b justified with the early days of android, if at all. I only said that with the current version m / n & that too on a blackberry, ppl shud b more confident about being secure and that it may take o / p / q, to achieve that confidence level among the security conscious user.
    Yes, ppl in America will not b interested in using baidu/ yandex services, just like ppl in China / Russia will not want to use Google services. But that is for entirely different reasons.
    This does provide scope for a market for an alternative to GMS.
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    The biggeat problem with Sailfish (and for that matter Ubuntu phone) is that you still can't get a device compatible wuth North American 4GLTE frequencies...and the handsets that allow you to roll your own aren't 4G devices.

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    It's quite likely that the new nexus devices will solve this problem.
    If one is ready to flash a rom on a nexus, that is.

    Oneplus x does support the T-Mobile 4g services in the USA, in some areas. And its the best phone to flash Sailfish on, supports all the functions.


    U can talk to @jolla_usa on Twitter for more info
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    Android is NOT and never will be as secure as any BlackBerry device. The platform was NOT designed to secure users but rather infringe on users use via advertising. BlackBerry can try to spin the new Android device as "secure " but the truth that it's an Android means that they MUST genuflect to Alphabet and Google. The spin by BlackBerry that it's the most secure Android maybe true to that extent.

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    Is there a requirement that this exact topic must be discussed at least once a month?
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    Is there a requirement that this exact topic must be discussed at least once a month?
    Yup, it's in the rules...

    Security is probably the only card left to those on BB10, so it has to be played... repeatedly.

    While I personally doubt that a non-BES BB10 handset offers any greater security than any other phone, it's harmless fun.

    You wait until 10.3.3 hits... that NIAP certificate will make BB10 impregnable!
    09-27-16 10:35 AM
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    Is there a requirement that this exact topic must be discussed at least once a month?

    And it's required that at least one poster use texting shortcuts throughout his post while everyone else uses full words in forum where the use of complete sentences and words is the norm.

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    It is those .5% targets that have much more important things to keep safe and secure than some dimwit's fappening photos.
    Like BBM stickers?
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    09-27-16 08:48 PM
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    Last week I had the chance to play a little bit with a Samsung J7 (2016) patch level September 1, Android 6.

    It seems that the VPN settings in Android have no option for a PAC file?

    Now, while I am traveling my BB10 device is typically connected to my home router over VPN (for both WiFi and cellular connections).
    On BB10 the VPN settings allow the download/use of a PAC file.

    With a PAC file you can do things like this:


    Or this:


    So, my first impression is that one cannot (easily) lock down Android's internet connections.
    There are workarounds, but I think a PAC file is more straight forward.

    And yes, if you look at the numbers of critical CVEs for Android and compare them with the CVEs for any BlackBerry products, then you have another legitimate reason to stick with BB10.

    If security doesn't matter for you, any OS with any patch level will be probably good enough.

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