1. anon(4038760)'s Avatar
    RIM looks to be in some trouble. I don't mean this to be either rude or mean, and as a Canadian, I'd like to see RIM continue as a strong competitor.

    So what do you think about BB fully running Android but making proprietary apps to work with the BES/BIZ, BBM, etc.

    I don't think the dev-sphere is gonna put any serious energy given the state of affairs and without the apps there's just no way I can see BB escaping a Nokia path.

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    06-20-11 06:14 PM
  2. GeneKam's Avatar
    Its arguable. It would be a good thing years ago, but now that they have QNX this is useless. QNX can run android apps with emulator, coming later this summer of course on tablet devices. QNX is a far better platform then Android in my opinion to build on, RIM is just making bad moves with it.
    06-20-11 06:56 PM
  3. anon(4038760)'s Avatar
    Ok, I think though there's a couple items weighing heavily against:

    QNX's release date is still sometime out and RIM's been asking the consumer market to trust it on a couple products now. In all cases the offerings have been failing short compared to the competition.

    I think to continue with propositions of new and untested technology (from the consumers' perspective) while appearing as a company in decline is going to be an uphill climb that RIM will not overcome.

    There's absolutely zero incentive for devs to spend effort on native QNX apps, again with the company in decline. At least in WP7's case, Microsoft has the cash and diversity to guarantee continuity and is bank rolling effort. Plus the likelihood of merging WP by Windows 8 or 9 is a promise of longer term stability.

    At the end, the app deal being Android via emulator, is weak. It's capitulating to Android while failing to fully realize a marketable position. Don't you think a partial solution at this point makes the argument that the BB consumer might as well shift to another platform. RIM would have a more marketable product by being fully Android. I'm sure porting over the BB suite as an exclusive bonus would be easier than continuing with QNX's development, even at this point.

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    06-20-11 08:37 PM