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    So for Christmas I recently got a set of Polk audio speakers that connect using the Play-Fi system, or as they brand it "Hi-Fi over Wifi". Essentially it works similar to Sonos however you are not locked into just Sonos hardware, you can add speakers made by different manufacturers to your system (Harmon Kardon, Panasonic etc)

    However while there is a Sonos app on the app store, there is no app for this new system. I tried sideloading the android app called "Phorus" on my passport running 10.3 and also tried it on 10.3.1 and no luck. The app opens but it just freezes when I try to do anything.

    So does anyone know if there is an app for this? Currently I am using my system by using DNLA however this is very tedious .

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    12-27-14 02:26 AM

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