1. voilette83's Avatar
    I work for a cell phone company, and I have a small business customer that is very loyal to Blackberry. He is in dire need of a new phone, and we currently only sell BB's with OS 6. My problem is that he uses Quickbooks Connect to access his customer database to avoid exporting and importing the information the long way. When he gets a new device, he will no longer have access to Quickbooks Connect as they have discontinued support for the Blackberry Platform. Does anyone know of an alternative program I could recommend to him that will sync his Quickbooks Pro 2011 Customer Database to his Blackberry OS 6 phone once he gets it?

    Thank You
    04-26-11 05:05 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Why not just downgrade the device OS to 5.0?
    04-26-11 06:49 PM