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    but then again I am quite dumb at times.

    I have the Tour and I want to update my software BUT last time I tried to update my phone with the Mac Desktop Software. I was only able to update ONCE with my original Tour but I lost all of my BB apps (Messenger, Store, etc) and was never able to get them back b/c my phone couldn't read them. Now my new phone is telling me to update everything but every time I do it either my phone wouldn't let me or the software says that no new updates are available.

    What the **** is going on? I feel like I'm playing catch with Helen Keller.
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    The Mac DM will not allow you to do anything other then officially released OSes from your service provider. Best option is to use a PC or to get Bootcamp for your Mac to be able to run Windows as well and use the Windows DM.
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