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    Rec'd new 8703e for work this week. Have not been able to get GPS working w/ Telenav, Google Maps, or BB maps. It appears the GPS hdwe is not working. So, I call Alltel and the guy tells me the GPS will not work with this particular model of BB with Alltel while roaming???? Does this sound right?

    A few facts:
    - Location Based Services is On. (Note, nothing else shows on this screen other than the single line for GPS Services and Location ON).
    - Application Permissions for all programs are set to Allow Location
    - v. (Platform - Appears to be latest version for Alltel.
    - I do have the Roaming symbol on my phone (Old Palm 700wx also roamed here)
    - Company running BES.

    Was this guy correct that the GPS won't work while roaming? It may be a week or two before I get to a non-roaming area to test his theory.

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