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    So. Here's the deal, apparently.

    I called DNA to just check up on the status of my repair ticket. As many of you who are probably reading this, you are probably having the same sort of "intermittent" problems with your GPS and your Curves.

    These problems range from no locks, to some locks, to locks with Telus Navigator running in the background etc. etc.

    I'm also pretty sure, that many of you have called Telus and opened repair tickets and have gotten the official:

    "It's now in RIM's hands and that we have a repair ticket with them and that there is also no resolution time"

    Well. Here's the fun part. After my brief, and very frustrating, talk with DNA, the supposed repair ticket has officially been CLOSED with RIM, with no resolutions.

    Seriously? Are you kidding me?

    So, it looks like I'm gonna be going on my 3rd Blackberry Curve, as I asked for a handset swap (Which was another mission on it's own, as the customer service reps at the store I went to, tried to convince me that I don't really need the GPS anyways and that by swapping, I may get a crappier phone) What the **** happened to all this excellent customer service? I mean the rep on the phone seemed just as confused as I was as the ticket was closed with no resolution or solution. But the reps at the store??? What the hell??

    Anyhow, just wanted to let people know what the status of our "general repair ticket" with RIM was.

    And quite frankly, I can't wait till my contract is over so I can get my hands on a new IPHone... lol j/k
    06-09-08 11:29 PM