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    The alarm on my pearl is set and ready to off when I need to get off. At night I switch the to the phone only sound setting. The alarm used to off with this setting. I switched the setting and then I set the alarm making sure that it was set to tone and that the tone played. When it was supposed to go off, the alarm box shows up, but the sound does not play. This has been going on for a few days. I have tried restarting. Has anyone else had this problem? It happens every few months for a week or two and then the problem goes away and it works. How can I make it stop? It is really frustrating!
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    06-07-09 05:59 AM
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    Well, maybe you got a defected device.
    Any chance to claim the guarantee? I'll do it a.f.a.p if I were you...
    06-07-09 02:12 PM
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    I'll call verizon tomorrow and see if this is something they can replace it for. I hope so!
    06-07-09 03:51 PM
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    bump- anyone else have any ideas?
    06-08-09 05:03 PM