1. anthonygmcdonald's Avatar
    With the new phones out, I hope we can finally get some love from the oed hardware companies and get a stereo or something like that built for blackberry phones. I'm tired of always seeing a thousand and one different stereo or alarm clocks for Icrap but never Blackberry. Can someone make one finally for us!?
    02-02-13 01:31 AM
  2. pcguy514's Avatar
    WIFI / DLNA / NFC / BT4.0 <---- New School Connectivity is so much better.... IMHO
    Alarm = Phone Stand and bedside mode

    You don't want companies following that business model, its bad for the planet and the consumer.
    It holds back innovation (commit to a size/shape)
    It waste resources( new phone <~2yrs> = new alarm/radio / OED's)

    02-02-13 02:36 AM

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