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    So my mom just notified me that I don't have a data plan anymore, and I'm devastated. While I still have unlimited text messaging, it isn't the same as having AIM, but I can't sign on anymore.

    Is there an AIM program that doesn't use data? I just need something. It's really driving me crazy.
    10-18-08 01:08 PM
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    There is an SMS version of AIM that i used to use. The IMs come in as SMS so it's not like the AIM app. But thought i'd throw it out there if you want it.

    To use the SMS Version of AIM:

    1. Type a text message with your screen name space password

    2. Send the text to 4646 (that is the short code to log in)

    When you get am IM it will arrive on your phone as a text message. With the SMS version you will hear your normal text message sound every time you get a text.

    Tip: Once signed in send a blank text to 4653 to receive all the AIM TXT short codes!
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    10-18-08 01:37 PM
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    I guess that could work. But I reply to IM's sent that way? And will they see my screen name or my phone number?

    I guess an application would e better, if there was one.
    10-18-08 08:48 PM
  4. Chrisy's Avatar
    Yes, you reply to IMs that way. Your buddies will see your screen name as usual with a little mobile phone next to it.

    i know there is an AIM app that uses SMS in the VZW camp. Not sure about T Mobile.
    Maybe someone will come along with that info!

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    10-18-08 08:51 PM