11-19-13 08:14 AM
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    LOL. I don't think they will be able to replace $5 per month per device almost pure profit off of the mature NOC infrastructure with BBM monetization. Twitter has yet to monetize effectively, Facebook has issues monetizing on mobile, and they are way ahead in the game. BlackBerry hasn't even been advertising or crowing over growth numbers after the 20 million statement. BlackBerry is a disorganized CF of an organization right now and another management change is only going to prolong the chaos in Waterloo.

    Also all of BlackBerry's growth since about 2010 was low end device market. The BB10 rollout has shown that they can't compete on the high or mid device market, at least with the current device offering at the current pricing model. The devices are good, I like my Z10, but at the price points they are releasing them at people are choosing the other platforms. So where will they compete?

    So basically BlackBerry has the capability to compete, but they have yet to show that they have the will, or the business sense to compete, and every day that passes, the name BlackBerry becomes less relevant and/or more poisonous. I want them to succeed, but it is like watching a favorite football (American) team with inept ownership make mistake after mistake and running the team into the ground. Meanwhile the mega fans just keep saying it is another rebuilding year.
    while i constantly critic or bashing BB, but i see lot of potential on BBM, as long as they can compete with other instant messaging services...

    maybe they cant gather same revenue when they sell lower end phone...but today BB mission is to survive. like it or not, right now is BB only chance try to make BBM popular, before other market completely forget about BB and their BBM
    11-19-13 08:14 AM
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