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    Ok so i'm new to this site (hi) and i'm just about at that point where i wanna throw my computer out the window. I have so many questions and i would just like to be given honest answers so here goes..

    I currently have:Alltel Pay per day (it's great because i need texting and talking at night for cheap!)
    My dilema would be that i am living in one of those places were stupid verizon took over alltel and basically screwed everybody over (i actually lost reception instead of getting "more coverage".) I know that alltel prepaid is still offered but i was told that after october, they will no longer sell cell phones to our area OR change any phones OR have customer service and that after 6 months the refill cards will no longer be sold and the service will convert to verizons plan in 6 months-1 year. No thank you. So i began searching the internet for the next best plan and i'm coming up with nothing. I live in a very small town so most service provider's coverage suck. My options: T-Mobile, Verizon, Boost mobile, Sprint/nextel, At&t and net 10. Tmobile gets no service here, neither does sprint or att and net 10 doesn't really have a good plan for texting/calling at night. So i started looking at boost mobile and it looks great. Whats not to love about free everything. Ok so my questions

    1. Is the motorola clutch even worth buying? it looks like a blackberry off brand that doesn't seem to get on the internet (i really would jsut like to get on google, yahoo, and maybe myspace..
    2. Would the blackberry work with boost mobile??! i've read on here that texting does not work and you have to im or email but how fast is that?
    i really need texting (both recieving and sending) that works instantly so if that isnt possible then oy .
    3. If texting doesn't work then how come theres a ton of software type things on ebay guarenteeing that texting and internaet and etc work?
    4. Is this legit?

    I really just need someone to tell me what to do .... I've already dealt with that in another forum and i really don't need to go through it again thank you.

    Thanks to everyone
    09-04-09 09:56 PM