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    New twist, (sorry if this is old news, but search didn't show it) so new twist on age old question of missing emails. And please, don't flame with "just go switch" since I'm not yelling or arguing, just curious. And I'm not talking about genuine "outages" or system wide issues that everyone experiences at the same time. Just good old fashioned "get to office and see 1 or 2 emails on the 'ol pc that for some reason never made it to the BB." We've "all" experienced it. "Everyone" you talk to says, yeah, its happened to me... etc. (And yes, I know I said everyone, but with enough folks saying it, its a good enough fit for the conversation....) SO, again, just real curious, WHY does this happen? Its not just emails from Bob, its not just Verizon, or this or that carrier, its not just yahoo mail, or gmail, or lotus, etc. Its not just the Storm, or the Pearl, etc. So what IS it that causes this seemingly universal "once in a while skipped email" that appears to happen to, well, just about everyone at some point in time? Is it just life in wireless land, and all other smartphone email systems experience the same thing? (and yes, in the cause of full disclosure, it happens to me a LOT. Like daily, and sometimes several emails can be affected. Verizon can't figure it out, BB can't and since its 5 difference email accounts, its not "them" either.) I was just curious if the WWW and all the brain power that comes with it, had any opinions on this phenomenon............ Thanks all!!!

    BB Pearl flip on Verizon (5th or 6th BB....)
    09-22-09 04:58 PM
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    Not one single opinion?
    09-23-09 09:22 PM
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    If you are using outlook, the messages are deleted off of the server one outlook pulls them to the PC. Since BIS polls the server every 15 minutes or so, the messages may or may not be there depending on how your outlook is set up.
    09-23-09 09:41 PM