1. Lord_Jareth_89's Avatar
    I know i'm not the only I guess that thinks smarthphones should have upgradable parts for better perfomance like pc's since today the gap that separates them is minimum... Soun off your thoughts
    PD: this not includes iphones since apple is so restrictive and will sue you
    09-13-12 03:12 AM
  2. banned-aid's Avatar
    It's really difficult since phone parts are practically stuck on to each other.. It's even difficult to open a BlackBerry..

    Adding some external modifications for certain uses maybe possible.. Like you get extra battery case.. So it can be for speakers and stuff..
    09-13-12 05:13 AM
  3. mooda's Avatar
    keeping with your analogy the only thing you can "upgrade" is the case. put all the internals in a shiny new external.
    09-13-12 05:33 AM